17 Week Update

17 Week Twin Belly

Quick update… because I’m overwhelmed with everything and yet can’t think of anything monumental to say?

We are all on the main floor!!! This has been the biggest weekly accomplishment. My amazing wife transformed our office (read: room we’ve tossed everything in for the last 7 years) into a guest room/our current home until the babies come. It’s wonderful being so close to the bathroom but we’re all still adjusting to the smaller space.

We moved from around 400 square feet of finished attic to a 130 square foot bedroom. I think we’re testing the rooms capacity with the 3 pets, 2 big people and 2 growing babies. It’s cramped & everyone knows it but they’re all dealing in order to make the babies and my bladder happy.

Basement project is almost finished. We had awesome friends come over last weekend & help paint. The three of them managed to finish the huge room in just a few hours. Soon furniture will be moved down & we will get our main floor back!                                                                 

In pregnancy news… I’m feeling large and growing fast. So much so that I don’t think my body and brain are quite on the same page. I’ve taken to bumping my growing baby bump into all kinds of things. Walls, desks, tables, car doors etc. I’ve also noticed I’m a lot more wobbly and off-balance. Having a history in gymnastics from the age of 3 until 16 and then dance…  I’m known for having impeccable balance and grace… So this new clumsiness isn’t something I’m use to. The thought of reaching out to stabilize myself while putting on socks, undies or jeans isn’t first nature and my wife has caught me many times hopping around to avoid falling. Which then gets me a lecture… So I’m trying to train myself to ask for help and find a leaning spot.