Yesterday when I arrived home from work I was greeted with some unexpected boxes… Boxes filled with itty bitty baby clothing. Boxes that included some much needed maternity items, some neat infant timers (so we don’t forget who we changed when) and a supplemental breastfeeding kit.

The boxes came from this amazing triplet family. A family who supported us from the start of our long journey with free medications, constant advice and even a baby blanket that I carried around for good luck during IVF. Their generosity astounds me and it comes during an extremely challenging time for their sweet boy Linus. I feel so connected to their three beautiful boys and last night we sat looking at each item, in awe that we would have babies to fill them. Amazed that we will have socked feet to kiss and nibble on. And overwhelmed by this families kindness. So the hugest thank you goes out to them and all the love and healing in the world to their little boy.

If you haven’t already, stop over and send them some love.

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