18 Week Update

I find I’m thinking of not much beyond Linus and his brave family today… I’m lacking perspective and will give just a few bulleted updates from the week. If you haven’t joined the FB support Linus group, added a button to your blog or sent the family a note. I’m sure they would love to hear from you. All the love surrounding this family is powerful and inspiring. Let’s keep it going!

Weekly updates:

  • I didn’t post on food related topics last week because I was reaching my breaking point with morning sickness. I think my wife knew I’d reached the edge when I had a toddler style tantrum at 8pm after not being able to eat dinner for the 3rd time in a row. I was just fed up with it… Feeling scared I wasn’t eating enough, frustrated that things I use to love could make me so sick and irritated with the constant battle. I just wanted to be the pregnant lady that could eat three servings of anything… Or I’d settle for one serving. I wanted to feel like I was truly providing for the babies and not just squeaking by. And so I broke… Sobbing, dramatically pushing the plate away (my wife might describe it as tossing) and collapsing on the sofa… Eventually forfeiting and eating cinnamon and sugar toast.
  • Then as if by magic… The universe heard my frustrations and things actually got better. I stopped nearly puking every night, I started feeling hungry, my wife introduced some scary new meat options and I actually didn’t mind them. I’ve been able to eat three full size meals and snack consistently without constant nausea. And then this morning we realized I didn’t have my seabands on… I hadn’t taken a “puke” pill since late last week and I was feeling actually good! So we’re hoping this is a good sign and not just a minor sanity break.
  • One exciting purchase… Maternity sweatpants. I know this may sound trivial and it took lots of convincing for me to be alright paying that much for lounge pants but they’re amazing! Now being featured on weekly belly shots.  
  • The coming weeks are busy ones… We are heading to a huge annual multiples sale on Saturday. Being pregnant we were able to get on the preview list and need to be there at the crack of dawn. Then we have company staying with us this weekend and also start our multiples birthing class on Sunday. Oh and I can’t forget our big anatomy scan is next week!!! Thinking I should put a poll up later this week…