They actually ran…

Well this weekend we experienced our first multiples event. We crawled out of bed at 5am on Saturday and headed to an annual multiples sale. It was quite an experience but sadly we failed to score any big-ticket items – for one main reason… I didn’t know I was supposed to RUN!

Documenting the experience:

We arrived a little early in order to register, purchase our approved shopping bag and scope out the competition. I had spoken with one of the sale coordinators the day before and felt prepared for what she described as a huge event. I printed out address labels to help us move faster and made a detailed list of the items we wanted with their retail and used prices.

Following registration, pregnant shoppers were placed on a special preview sale list. This allowed us to be the first group in the gymnasium. There were about 30 of us and we were each allowed one escort. We were given a 20 min tour to help us get oriented and then brought back to the start of the tour… From what I was told the day before I understood the pregnant shoppers would get a 5 min head start before the members and lastly the general public were let in. It was here where things got a little hazy.

The tour leaders started counting down and before we knew what hit us, people were running every direction!!! Literally it was a sea of running pregnant ladies!

We had planned on hitting the co-sleepers first and then checking out the double snap & go strollers because there were lots of them on the floor. But we kind of got lost in the shuffle. We realized that the snap & go’s were the hit item and so we changed our course… But our lack of running got us there too late… So we gave up on the strollers and headed for the co-sleepers. Which sadly had also been picked over by the time we got there. So we gave up on our big items. But didn’t leave empty-handed.

We scored one of these cuties… I had been researching options all last week and didn’t expect to find one at the sale… Especially brand new, unopened and 25% off the original price. We also found a really cheap twin breast feeding pillow, a fun paisley designed boppy pillow and some sleep sacs.

Overall it was a fun experience. A little overwhelming but it was exciting to be part of a larger community. Even if we were all racing against each other. It was fun to look around and realize we all have entrance into this very special club and be reminded that we’re not alone.

Our busy weekend concluded with our first birthing class on Sunday evening… Which was interesting. I’m still processing how I feel about it but it did encourage some good conversations between J and I. I’m also sure we provided all our fellow classmates with some interesting car ride home conversations. Who would expect most everyone in the  class would be traveling 2 hours to come to class and coming from towns we didn’t even recognize??? More for another day… Anatomy scan countdown: 48 hours!