Big reveal…

Well my gut instinct was right all along… Making the majority of family and friend guesses just a little off… We’re having two baby girls!

Aren’t they beautiful:

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Appointments all went really well. Noteworthy items include. I’ve gained 3 pounds since last OB appointment, which is still on the low side but the babies seem to be getting what they need. I’ve developed slight carpul tunnel due to swelling in my hands and feet. My hands are to the point where I needed to take all my rings off.

Babies looked great! Measuring around 5 days ahead with identical weights. Cervix was closed and long at 3cm. I have another scan in 2 and 6 weeks to make sure it’s staying that way. Along with an OB appointment in 4 weeks. So I guess I’ll be seen around every 2 weeks here on out.

All in all it was a pretty amazing day. Absolutely magical to see our growing babies for 2+ hours and hear that everything looked perfect. Specialist came in after the ultrasound and did an additional 30 min scan. Stating how as twin pregnancies go – this was looking fabulous. Praising our strong babies and commenting on how adorable they are.

So there you have it… To our house of 2 moms and three female pets, we will be adding 2 beautiful baby girls.