20 Week Update:

20 weeks! This would be the official half way point in a standard pregnancy… But even having already reached the shortened twin pregnancy halfway point weeks ago – week 20 feels like a major milestone. Don’t laugh but it’s beginning to feel like I’m really pregnant.  

This last week has been hectic but things are going really well. It seems like we’re in the accomplishment stage of the pregnancy. Lots is getting done and lots is being contemplated with the goal of completion.  

We registered for our baby showers… This was an overwhelming process and I’m not even sure we did it right. Not that you can get it especially wrong but I just didn’t research as much as I normally would. We had many questionable moments… Determining if such and such item was really necessary but overall I think we made sense of it.

We decided on an attorney for our second parent adoption. So far lots of emails and a plan to meet next week to begin the process. This is overwhelming and I find if I think about it too much I get upset. The thought that J needs to adopt her babies… Just pisses me off! I know it’s the process and I understand I should be grateful that our state offers this as an option but it still makes me feel like a second-class citizen. Let alone the huge cost associated with the filing and attorney fees. Anyways. We have the process started that will protect and acknowledge us all as family.

These babies have a growing pile of clothing and gear collecting in our living room. The newest item being an infant swing which our kitten has claimed as her preferred napping place. This glorious collection of gifts is making the realty that there will be babies in our home – incredible tangible. We also bought the girls bedding… It was on sale, organic and adorable. So we just couldn’t pass it up. I wasn’t planning on going so matchy but got overwhelmed with trying to find coordinating bedding and so they will have the same sets. Isn’t it cute.


In other news: I’m feeling very weighted and lately I’ve been noticing an increase in pressure resting on my pelvis. This makes me nervous and my next cervical check can’t come soon enough. Now one week away. I’m not sure if the babies are getting cramped in there but movements have still been sparse. I know a big part of this is baby A has a placenta blocking her blows but I just thought I would be feeling more aggressive movements by now. On a side note: these babies need some blog names… I meant to do this months ago but it never happened. Any suggestions???

Lastly… And definitely the least pleasant news. I’m having an insurance situation. It’s too overwhelming to get into detail right now but what it might mean is switching providers… Basically my company would force me to go on cobra from the time my work hours drop below 32… This could be very soon. And well cobra isn’t an affordable option. Especially if I’m placed on bed rest and then intend on taking time off with the babies. Yes this is late in the game but this may be our only option. I should know more by next week.

Closing with a photo of my growing belly along with J’s cute nephew from this weekend. I’ve also updated the belly page.  

Growing Belly