21 Week Update

Growing Twins 21 Weeks

The weeks seem to be unfolding quickly. Spring has finally reached Minneapolis and it gently reminds me that warm weather will bring babies come summer. Our living room is filling with precious baby items and our plans are consisting of more preparatory items then not. There are a few people currently pregnant all expecting baby girls and the first baby was welcomed on Saturday. I think all these things are making it feel more real.

Tonight we have our first meeting with our second parent adoption attorney. I feel I should have questions prepared but instead I’m overwhelmed. She seems nice but slightly preoccupied & unenthusiastic. Not that I want a party – maybe just some acknowledgement of how big a deal this is. I understand that from her perspective – these are normal everyday things but for us… This is a huge deal. I’ll update tomorrow.

We’ve committed a small fortune to attempting to cloth diaper. Pictures of what our baby girls will be bumming around in can be found below. I started researching cloth diapering long before I got pregnant and always assumed it was something we would do. Then the twin discovery happened and cloth diapering sounded more overwhelming then I ever imagined. But I think we’ve decided to go for it. Twin mamas out there… Is it doable or are we delusional?  

We have the beginning of a stash of AI2 (all-in-2) diapers and will hopefully be able to collect the rest we’ll need over the next few weeks. We chose the more costly AI2 option for the simplicity and lessened washing load. These smart one-size-fits-all pants have snap in cloth inserts which are changed each time while the waterproof outer shells are only changed a few times daily. The cost is steep but they are user friendly and also adorable.

Tomorrow is my follow-up cervical ultrasound and I’m sort of freaking out. I got the opportunity to talk with an old friend this past weekend who has 6 year old twin girls. We talked calorie intake, back pain and the ominous bed rest. She was placed on bed rest at 24 weeks and delivered her babies at around 35. I’m just weeks from that point and the worry is setting in. I know my last cervical measurement was on the shorter side, so a lot is riding on tomorrow’s appointment and a stable cervix. I try not to let my mind go there but the logical over analytical part of me can’t help it.     

We had our second birthing class this past Sunday and I think we both left a little overwhelmed. The previous week I wasn’t sure we made the right decision taking the multiples birthing class but after last class I’m glad we did. The class was overwhelming as we discussed viability ranges for multiples, delivering practices and medication options. Our instructor is a NP who works on the neonatal floor and we got first hand stories of twins born from 26-32 weeks. We saw pictures and heard about the possible struggles and amazing successes of twin pregnancies/deliveries. But most impactful was the exposure to the other pregnant twin moms. We lost one couple to bed rest; one couple has already had a trip to the ER with Braxton contractions and potential preterm labor. We are all growing quickly and it was really nice to be among others who know what this is like. Who feel like I feel and share my fears.

Overall… It was a good week. I’ll update tomorrow on how the appointment goes. I’ve also included some fun photos from the week. Including our new crib bedding and kitty Zelda’s favorite sleeping swing.    

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