Quick post. The best news is babies are still on the inside and I’m home from the hospital! The remainder of the pregnancy is looking to be on bedrest.  With allowed showering every other day and only leaving for now weekly doctor appointments. Restrictions could lessen as the weeks go on but for now this is what it’s looking like.

When my pto runs out in 2 weeks I will be unemployed as my company has no FMLA. I will be bringing in no income and this is truly scary. But we will figure it out.

I’m scared and overwhelmed but continually reminding myself of how lucky we got. This could have been so much worse but both babies thrived even with all the stress. They’re strong girls. As even right after surgery they we’re rolling and poking and playing inside.

We have things to figure out, finances to rework and a new life style to adapt to. But together we will make this all work.