A letter to our girls:

My sweet girls,

You have almost been growing within me for 6 months. Half a year we’ve been creating plans for your futures and dreaming up who you will be. Then recently you decided to try to breakout early causing both your mommies quite the scare. But things have settled now and we’re adjusting to our new reality. One where you both stay in and I spend my entire day resting horizontally.

Today… I let your mama sleep in for the first time since your breakout attempt. You see, we’ve been quite needy the three of us and she’s been working really hard to keep everything afloat. So today…. We let her rest.

Now girls, as much as we’re excited to meet you and as much as there are so many people I can’t wait to have embrace and love on you… It’s not yet time. Just like your mommy, you too must practice patience. It shouldn’t surprise me that I’ve created girls who are so eager to explore and impatient to wait but we aren’t quite ready for you babes.

Maybe you’re both sensing the increase in amazing community support that has been around us lately. All those people who are so excited to meet you have been helping us to keep you both on the inside for a while longer.

My closest friend, who’s carrying your future playmate, has been over almost everyday to look in on us. To keep us company and help us while mama is at work. She’s also planning you girls a wonderful shower and has helped to keep mommy’s tears at bay. She has organized to get us groceries to fill our freezer with easy healthy meals, so when mama gets home from work she can spend time with us and not the kitchen.

Or maybe you’ve heard my sweet auntie. Who comes over on the weekends with a delicious home cooked meal and spends time in the living room just talking with us.  She too is planning you girls a shower – where you can become truly acclimated into our crazy family.

Then there’s been lots of grandma and grandpa. Grandma comes later in the day and gets us lunch and tells us all about what’s going on in the outside world. She will be helping us get to all our doctor appointments and will be navigating our fancy wheelchair rides through the hospital. Exciting I know. Then there’s grandpa who brings us over yummy Thai dinners and plays cribbage with us on the couch. He also brought you both some wonderful donated baby clothing from my kindergarten teacher and fun wood blocks to nibble on and build with.

You’ve also recently been around another blogger like mommy who stopped over with some delicious food and fun reading material and a number of close friends who’ve come to keep us company. My dear friend M has offered to plan a friend shower and has also found you girls a glider, so mommies can read you stories and rock you to sleep at night.

There are so many people who are excited to meet you but my darling girls… remember it’s not time yet.

Mama and I are delighted to report we’ve settled on your names. Ones we think you will grow into and wear perfectly. Names that will not define but instead frame the people you already are. When we arrived at the hospital months too early for your births we realized we still weren’t quite settled on what names to give you. So when we checked out, we did some more soul-searching and now babes we can call you by names. Your names. Now when mama reads you stories at night she addresses you by the beautiful names we’ve chosen and as a family we have our first little secret.

The past few weeks your movements have increased greatly and even mama can feel you playing from the outside. I feel your frequent thumping and can see when you’ve burrowed in a corner of my belly, as a hard lump will protrude. However with this increase in activity, I’ve also become aware of your favorite of all burrowing places and my dears I can’t say I share your enthusiasm. You both seem to like to curl up in the lowest reachable region of my belly, my pelvis. This scares mommy as it puts a great deal of pressure on my cervix and sometimes causes pain. So my girls, can we find some new favorite places, I hear the ribs are the place to be these days.

All my love,