23 Week Update (Week 2 bedrest)

Rather boring technical update primarily because I received my first of two steroid shots today and it’s made me feel rather loopy, nauseous and shaky.

I had two appointments today and both went primarily well. First was a monitoring appointment at the maternal assessment center of the hospital which also included my first steroid shot. The shots are given 24 hours apart with the goal of helping to mature the babies lungs and decrease brain swelling and bleeding.

Monitoring went well and both babies had continually strong heartbeats and I only registered one minor contraction over the 20 min period. The shot was painful and I seem to be experiencing one of the primary side effects of hyper activity and paranoia.

Next was the cervical cerclage check in another wing of the hospital. The perinatologist seemed pleased with the ultrasound results but I have questions that didn’t really get answered. The numbers confused me and the doctor didn’t really explain well enough to bring me reassurance. So I will ask my normal doctor next week. My cervix today measured 1.5 but it was 2.5 last time? So this seems bad to me but the doc was happy with it? He said it seems to have stabilized and no lenght below the cerclage has been lost so everything looks good?

Only other news is I finally told my work that I have not be cleared to come back before the babies get here. This was a call I was dreading but it actually went rather well. They can’t make me any promises but they would like to not lose me and are going to try to make a 6 month leave work. I wouldn’t retain any benefits but would have a possible job waiting for me when I’m ready to  return. There is still logistics to iron out and nothing is guaranteed but it’s nice to know I’m appreciated.

Lastly a shot from this morning during my transition from the bedroom to the couch. The belly page has also been updated. I seem to be growing more outwards these days and the forward weight is definitely noticeable.

23 week twins