24 Weeks!!!

We’ve reached our first major milestone at 24 weeks: the threshold of viability. This is the first of 4 milestones we were given in the hospital. It’s also been 3 weeks of bedrest. All huge accomplishments.

Not much to report… as my days are spent doing about the same thing in different combinations. I tried briefly to crochet yesterday, something I was good at before and quickly got frustrated by my lack of ability. So back to movies, tv and naps to make the days pass.

Tomorrow I get to leave the house briefly for my weekly OB appointment and will post with any exciting updates. I’m mostly looking forward to being outside even if it’s just while going to and from the car.

My belly seems to be getting quite large and as a result moving is becoming more work. This seems to be only increased by how stiff and weak bedrest makes me feel. The babies have been getting really active especially around breakfast and dinner times. It’s been fun to have J really connect with them and see their movements from the outside. I’ll leave you with 2 photos from this mornings bed to couch transition.

24 week front view

24 Week twin profile