Weekend update

Well… It’s been an icky few days.

Contractions started up on Thursday when I had 7 within an hour. They didn’t bring me in but had me start tracking them for patterns. Friday contractions were very noticeable but were only around 5 an hour. It became clear that they were becoming more frequent as my medication was wearing off but again they didn’t have me come in.

Well, then today the contractions were about 6 an hour around 2 hours before my next med dosage but I was starting to also have some period cramping. So the on call doctor had me go to the hospital for an assessment. Three hours later they let us leave. They measured contractions but also were able to see how well the medication they put me on does at stopping them. So they did fetal fibronectin test to determine likelihood of delivery in the next 2 weeks and checked my cervix for pressure. Ultimately doctor increased my contraction medication and sent us home. Now why they couldn’t have just done this over the phone on Thursday and saved us from 3 hours in the ER is beyond me… We will know the fFN test results on Tuesday at my next appointment. On top of all this I’ve caught something causing a sore throat and head cold. Gross!

Happy early mother’s day and hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.