Well done girls… 25 week update (1 month bedrest)

Quick update… as I just got home from 2 super long ultrasounds and I’m exhausted.

Baby girls are BIG! At almost 2 pounds each and around 5oz heavier than average singleton at this stage. Baby A measures 4 days ahead and Baby B is 1 day ahead but they had identical weights??? Doctor said I’m on track to have 7.5 lb. babies if I went to term which would be amazing. No matter what, it was nice to hear that with my slow weight gain and small size… I’m making big babies.

They looked great and I will post some pictures tomorrow after my OB appointment.

Next ultrasound went alright (the cervical check) I measured 1.3 down from 1.5-2.0 2 weeks ago. Again they didn’t seem overly concerned and said variance occurs. This time they did a cervical stress test while measuring and that didn’t fluctuate so good news there. Doctor seemed confident that I could still go a long while with 1.3-1.5 length and said our next big goal should be 29 weeks. But we would obviously like them to stay in longer.

Lastly we shall end with great news… fFN test came back NEGATIVE!!!