They’re starting to recognize me…

Well… Yesterday I got another large run of contractions coming at about 7 a hour that landed me in maternal assessment again. When I called my doctor’s office I thought our plan was to increase my medication one more time vs sending me to the hospital but I guess that wasn’t noted in my chart and my doctor was off… So we made the trip again.

Everything checked out… Besides my cervix now measuring 1.2 which is getting me quite worried! They confirmed that what I was feeling were contractions. They said we did the right thing coming in and then they gave me an upped dosage of my contractions stopper pills and kept monitoring to see if the contractions stopped. Which they did.

So they again adjusted my medication so I’m now taking the top dosage at 6 hour increments, requiring me to take a 3AM dosage which wasn’t so much fun last night. But hopefully this will keep everything calm.

Otherwise… we have some lovely showers planned for this weekend! I’m excited for the company and the cheer. Things can get a little mopey in the house of bedrest. So I will be sure to update on those soon.

Happy Friday!!! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and congratulations on all the BFP’s that came up over the last few days!