26+ week Update (Week 5 bedrest)

Oops I forgot to post an update. You’d think with all this time I have I would be posting more often but I haven’t been feeling great. I’m still fighting that cold from 2 weeks ago and still having notable contractions. And there’s the reality that there isn’t much to report, when I spend all my time on the couch. But hooray for 26 weeks and almost reaching the third trimester! My OB counts from 27 weeks but I see others say 28? Either way we’re almost there and next week is full of milestones, I’ll share in my next post.

We did finally buy car seats last night! I was starting to panic about not being ready to bring our girls home when the time comes. Which I know is ridiculous – for one these girls better be staying in place a while longer and for two if they come early they sadly wouldn’t be coming home right away. But it still feels better to have their car seats purchased. Next up in the world of big purchases is a co-sleeper which my grandma graciously offered to buy us and their cribs. We’re making progress.

Car seats!

My odd symptoms are still continuing and I’m at the point where I can’t tell if they’re ominous preterm labor symptoms or just I’m getting big and things are feeling weird. There’s also the reality that every time I call with symptoms of any kind I end up at the hospital. Which is becoming exhausting. So I’ll be asking questions at today’s normally scheduled appointment.

Lastly a recent belly shot during a bed to couch transition…

26 Weeks Twins