Quick update:

It’s been a while but all I have the energy for is a quick update.

Bad tornado hit our neighborhood Sunday and we just got back online with restored power. It’s been an incredibly hard last few days and the devastation in our area is heartbreaking.

We were so very lucky we didn’t experience any major damage but all around us are missing garages, destroyed roofs, damaged siding and many many lost trees. We live across from a beautiful park which will never look the same after losing about 50% of its trees. The tornado went directly overhead us and Wednesday I was out for my weekly OB appointment and the path of destruction is so visible. We are just so lucky.

In other news. This week I’m not just 27 weeks pregnant but it’s also my 27th golden birthday Friday and my OB’s office says I’ve entered my third trimester. My OB appointment went alright minus my shrinking cervix and contractions. I’m now left with just 1cm of cervix left (scary territory) but hopefully that will get us enough time! We really need a few more weeks but are still excited to be hitting 28 weeks in just a few days, as this bring us to a much safer gestational place.

I’m measuring full term and wow can I feel it. It hurts to get up, to walk and to roll over. My body is exhausted and I can feel how hard it’s working to keep these girls safe. Being confined to the couch without electricity for 5 days did bring on some increased sadness and desperation but trying to continue looking on the bright side. We’re all safe and our babies are still on the inside.

Saturday before the tornado we were blessed with another shower and have quite the collection for our girls. Now we just need to get back some order and start putting things in place. It’s surreal to think how soon we will have babies and still so much needs to be done.

Weekly belly shot…

27 Week Twin belly