28+ week Update (Week 7 bedrest)

Alternate title: We are getting closer and things are getting hard. *** This is a skippable post if you want to avoid some whiney pregnancy woes.

To begin on a happy note: We made it to 28 weeks – something that when I was placed on bedrest was a lofty goal but now we’re here. And I’m liking that the stats have moved into thriving categories and beyond survival percentages. 28 weeks also marks the dreaded glucose testing which I’m rather worried about but I will update after today’s test with results. *** I passed! SO no 3 hour test needed! Next goal is 30 weeks. 

Over the last few days I’ve felt a significant shift… and things are getting much harder. I knew it would be coming but nothing could have really prepared me for the third trimester shift. But wow – this is getting really hard and my ability to optimistically handle it seems to be depleting. Could also be the reality that I’m measuring full term (40 weeks) but still hoping to carry these girls for at least another 6 weeks.

The physical pain has escalated and my emotions are all over the place. Newest difficulties include sleeping, breathing and movement all together. Some interesting newcomers include: Extreme rib cage pain, numb spots above my rib cage which are supposedly due to the excess pressure on my nerve endings… but what feels like constant pins/needles, sharp lower region shooting pains and a general inability to get comfortable. It hurts to lay down, to get up, to walk to the bathroom. All together making sleep illusive and my emotions volatile.

I also might be panicking a tiny bit that we will babies in a matter of weeks and honestly we still have so much to do… to be clear – when I say “we” I’m only including myself metaphorically. Which only makes me panic more.

Being on bedrest and therefore unable to help with all the to do items increases my anxiety and feelings of guilt. Often resulting in unexpected outbursts of tears. But thanks to my recent back-reading of Puffer’s blog (yes that was me reading all your late pregnancy posts) – I was called back to my organized core and started making lists. Lists of what needs to be done, lists of what to put in the hospital bag, thank you lists for all the generosity we’ve been receiving and lists of questions I still have. I’ve included the one below because reading a similar one on PBF site really helped me gather myself.