29 Weeks (2 months Bedrest!!!)

Today’s appointment went great! Some quick stats:

  • Cervix still closed, stitches holding and measuring 1cm length. First time we’ve seen no change in the two weeks between appointments!
  • Both babies are vertex! But also have lots of room to move still.
  • Baby A is rather squished into my cervix but is measuring 3lbs even!
  • Baby B is enjoying extra space and is measuring 3lbs, 5oz! She’s almost 3.5 pounds! Doctor was quite impressed as both girls are around 7-12 oz’s above the average singleton at this gestation!
  • Doctor today has hope I will make it to 34 weeks! But my OB’s short-term goal is 30 weeks as I’m measuring around 41-42 weeks in size.
  • Back home on bedrest with weekly OB appointment tomorrow and followup growth scan in 3-4 weeks. I will also be starting the weekly biophysical scans in 3 weeks.
  • Unfortunately, no cute pictures as the babies have gotten so big and you can no longer get full pictures of them.

In other news… I’ve been on bedrest for 2 months!!! Huge accomplishment. And it seems putting our to do list out there has been helpful in implementing progress! Here are a few of the items we’ve checked off in the last week.

  • Assemble cloth diaper basin
  • Purchase cloth diaper detergent and Baby oxyclean
  • Purchase 5-10 more CD’s and 20 inserts (flips and Grovia’s)
  • Wash newborn to 6 month old
  • Ditch books no longer holding on to from basement
  • Wash blankets/hooded towels
  • Send baby shower thank you’s
  • Decided on a pediatrician
  • Find and take an infant CPR class
  • Purchase rest of baby gear once coupons come in the mail (babies R us)  Just diaper bag and slings remain!!!

Ending with a few photos… Including the growing side belly shot… Belly button has officially given in and popped to the best of its ability. I’ve also updated the belly page.

29 Week Side view

Measuring 41 Weeks at 29

Too hot for being this pregnant!