30 Week Update (week 9 bedrest)

Fairly uneventful week but a few updates. Including some downers from last weeks OB appointment.

  • We made it to the 30’s!!! Around a month to go but each week I walk into my OB appointment they seem shocked to see me… Thinking I could go at anytime. But hoping to get to first 32 and then 34 weeks! It’s amazing to think we will be meeting our girls so soon!
  • Stretch marks showed up a few days ago… So far only on one side but they came out of nowhere! They aren’t that bad right???
  • Everything is hurting and my energy level is gone. My rib cage feels sore to the touch and I can feel each movement I make deep in my bones.
  • Hospital bags are packed and lots of tasks are being checked off our lists
  • Baby B’s extra growth last week and increased fluid is causing some concern and therefore biophysical ultrasounds start tomorrow and then will be weekly. They’re a little concerned about babies size difference and increased fluid for baby B. So they will be keeping a close eye on these things.
  • fFn testing will also start tomorrow and be done one more time at 32 weeks if I’m still pregnant. Due to some increased fluid leakage and my shrinking cervix.
  • I’ll post a little update tomorrow after our ultrasound. Leaving you with some pictures and huge love goes out to these ladies and their recent arrival!

30 Week Twin Profile


30 Week Side View (stretch marks)