Frustrations and twins biophysical profile


Today was our first big biophysical profile. I didn’t quite know what to expect but was told it would take about an hour. Well I learned quickly the profile is more like a test where the babies could score at best 8 points but at their gestation we expected a 6/8. Any below a 6 would result in a trip to maternal assessment. Babies would score points for practice breathing, large and small movements and fluid density.

Well our babies are quite the overachievers. Both scored perfectly at 8/8 and were practice breathing the entire time. Which is the hardest category to ace. Well with all this overachievement they had both passed the tests in around 2o min…  Meaning we were around 45 minutes early for my weekly OB appointment.

We were brought into a room to wait because they don’t want me sitting up… Well an hour and 20 minutes went by and still no doctor… So we asked when we were going to be seen and I guess they had overbooked my doctor because we were still looking at around a half hour wait. Well this put my very pregnant self over the edge. I couldn’t imagine waiting another second, so we left without being seen. Then to top it off I had really painful contractions all the way home, coming about every 5 min which lasted for about 1.5 hours.

Overall – I think it was a combination of being up and about and having to wait for so long to be seen. Extremely frustrating. Still waiting to hear from my doctor about what they want to do about my missed appointment… I vote for just skipping it but I’m worried they’ll want me to come back in the for fFN. Also worried about my increased contractions that are becoming more painful and frequent. We will see what they decide.