Admitted to L/D this morning. Contractions became painful and were 3-4 min apart.

Ffn positive. Cervix soft and super low. Given booster steroid shot to strengthen lungs.

Started with terbutaline shot. Which made me sick and only briefly interrupted the contractions. Now on a magnesium sulfate drip. Seems to be slowing them down but not stopping or decreasing intensity level and the meds have made me tired and loopy.

When we first arrived it seemed delivery was going to be within hours… Now we aren’t quite sure and are trying to see what works. For sure I’ll be here for the next few days. Then we don’t know? Could be tapered off the mag and onto an oral medication. Could be delivering if they can’t get the contractions under control or could be hanging out in the hospital for a while.

Next long-term goal is 32 weeks. Or around 10-12 days.