Day 4 Hospital Bedrest

J here interpreting L’s thoughts:

Things could be going smoother. Magnesium is an extremely hard drug to be on. Yesterday was a scary day and it seemed the girls would be delivered within hours, as my body was breaking through the Mag and I was getting sicker. Contractions were coming on strong and regular and the pain was excruciating in my back. Two manual cervical checks revealed not much is holding the stitch in place. So, any prolonged contractions will mean cerclage will need to come out. Mag was causing major breathing issues that contributed to the increase in contractions. So doctors have lowered the dosage and it seems to be helping. Last night was the first night I experienced any amount of sleep since Thursday. The Mag has caused my body to feel like it’s physically breaking down. I’m weak and everything takes effort. Hopefully the restored sleep with make today a better day and were just hoping to get to Tuesday.