31 Week Update (week 10 bedrest) Updated

Well… Things came to a head last night and I was taken off mag. My oxygen saturation was too low and my breathing was extremely labored. Then I wasn’t seeming to recover quick enough and it seemed the girls were going to be delivered around midnight. But we were able to slow everyone down and give me a chance to bounce back. I’m still on room air but am doing much better.

We are now just waiting to see what happens. Will my contractions ramp up? Was the mag doing anything? I’m feeling overwhelmed with the thought of delivering 31-weekers and sad the doctors wont do anything else to stop delivery. Waiting on a growth scan today to see how big they are and taking it one day/hour at a time.

Update: Back from scan and babies looked really good. Baby A was just under 4lbs (3lbs15oz) and baby B was 4.5 pounds exactly. I didn’t handle transport too well and had some contractions along the way but am feeling better now that I’m back in bed. Another week would do these girls so much good but lets just see if I can make it tot the weekend!