8 Years:

Then: Two scared teenagers. Filled with curiosity and exuberance. Recent high school graduates with very little fear and even less focus. We were passionate and instantly devoted.

Today: Eight years later, we have changed immensely. We are stronger and more self-aware. We are still seekers but we settle and weigh realities with more confidence. We fit together without trying and we are trusting in our love without overt expressions. We are educated, homeowners who remain passionate about our individual interests. We are soon to be mothers, who survived, grew from and beat infertility. Who remained focused on our deep connection and always balanced the TTC disappointments with our blessings.

We grew together and ardently created our future. This future. Which is soon to be expanding and welcoming two new babies. I’m so blessed to have your support and love. I smile thinking of writing a post next year, detailing our first year of this new adventure, motherhood.

Happy 8-year anniversary.