32+ Weeks!!!

We’ve reached the point no one thought we would… 32 weeks!!! This is a huge milestone and it comes with lots of reassuring components. 32 weeks means babies will most likely be in the special care nursery not the nicu. It also means that babies have just as strong a prognosis as full term babies and will most likely only be feeders/growers.

This also means we have an end in sight. I’ve been in the hospital on bedrest for almost 2 weeks and on home bedrest for 9 weeks. Totally 11 weeks on bedrest. Now that we’ve hit 32 weeks they will let me go home in 2 weeks if my growth scan goes well! We finally have a date to look forward to. And I will be induced by stitch removal in less than 4 weeks if they aren’t here yet. (wouldn’t that be a little humorous)

However these girls seem to try to make a break for it every couple days – so I’m assuming the doctors are just giving me a date because they know it will make me happy and don’t actually think I’ll make it there. These babies want out badly and at some point it’s just going to happen. I was up most of last night with regular and extremely painful contractions that just like magic vanished come 10am… Seems to be my pattern lately.

Quick home update: J is getting tons done and she is working really hard in between work and being at the hospital to finish everything. Carpet has been installed in the nursery and thanks to our wonderful friends its also been painted. With all this done cribs should be going up soon! Car seats are being installed tomorrow and most other home projects are completed. It’s weird to think about how different our home will look when I get back but exciting to know things are getting ready for our girls. Remaining items seem to be cleaning and organizing.

To end here are a few recent pictures and I’ve updated the belly page.