34 week update (week 13 bedrest)

We made it to 34 weeks.

Which everyone is amazed by! Seeing as I almost delivered at 21, 26, 30, 31 and 32 weeks!

We have reached a safe place, just 2 weeks from what’s considered full term for twins and they’re sending me home for more bedrest. We even have a date scheduled for the cervical stitch removal! Which has been bumped to 14 days from now… That’s if the babies don’t come sooner. No ones making any assumptions about when these babies are coming anymore… As they’re clearly in charge!

Growth scan went really well and babies are estimated to be 5 and just over 5 & 1/2 pounds! We could even see adorable fat rolls on baby B’s legs. So cute. And baby A has lots more hair than her bigger sister. Babies heads are measuring biggest – at around 36 week size which is a little scary but we’re so happy with their progress!

Otherwise – I’m increasingly uncomfortable and feel honestly like I might drop a baby at any point. Both babies are fighting for the presenting position but are cooperating by staying head down. This does however mean I have two large baby heads and some other random parts putting lots of pressure on my cervix. On top of this, I’ve developed a painful case of PUPP which sucks! I have a new cream that’s helping a little but the pain keeps me up at night.

I will be discharged from the hospital sometime today after almost 1 month and will then be back on home bedrest. I will still need to come to the hospital twice a week for biophysical ultrasounds but otherwise we just hope I can make it a little longer.

Can’t wait to get back home!  Thanks for all the continued encouragement, you’ve all be wonderfully supportive!