What losing your sanity looks like:

I would wager it looks like a 48 week pregnant lady desperately rubbing her body with banana peels and a mixture of baking soda, oil and water. Then crying uncontrollably.

After 4 days of very little sleep and the above scenario being replayed most nights at 2am with different ingredients – I’m done! I’ve tried it all – or at least every home and over-the-counter remedy. I’ve tried the tentative prescriptions including the sedative which works at putting me to sleep but still results in me waking a few hours later itching.

I caved and took the steroid scrip my doctor called in. I didn’t want to and it makes me feel like a horrible parent but I can’t take it any longer. This rash is making me crazy and its spread to cover my arms, hands, bottom and legs. My breaking point was when it invaded between my fingers and toes.

I’m counting the days and we’re at 10… But we could say 9 because today is almost over and our appointment on the 26th is really early? Any how single digits tomorrow. Oh and another current happening… my contractions seem to be gone. All those contractions, over the past 3 months have halted – or maybe they’re just being overshadowed by this horrible rash but these girls sure seem happy in there. Happy and oblivious of moms wavering sanity. Little do they know we will be meeting on the 26th and I can’t wait!