Big decisions: Updated

Well, we just got home from L&D… Plans have changed a bit but we are feeling comfortable so far.

They had me come in because the rash was much worse this morning and the prednisone didn’t seem to be working. If anything my doctor thought it could be causing an allergic reaction. They were also worried about another extremely rare rash linked to liver failure and wanted to rule that out. As it would require immediate delivery.

So we packed everything up and headed to the hospital. I got seen quickly and placed on monitors. Babies looked great and I was having very few contractions. Doctor inspected my rash and decided it was probably one of the worst PUPPS cases she had ever seen.

My BP was slightly elevated and my rash is beginning to pose infection threats so my doctor decided we could move forward with removing the stitch today and essentially deliver the girls. Or I could go home for 48 hours and we would schedule the removal on Tues. or Wed. depending on how things progress. Then she left us to make a decision.

We went back and forth. Debating how bad the last week of this rash has been and what 2 days inside means for our girls. And ultimately we decided I could make it 2 more days. I wasn’t sure about making it 8 but 2-3 is doable. So tomorrow we find out when my stitch removal will be and at that time I will be admitted to the hospital for a 24 hour observation following the removal. Because they’re assuming as soon as the stitch comes out labor will start, so it seems like we will be having babies in a few days! Unless of course they remove the stitch and nothing happens… Then we would make a new plan.

So there’s the updated plan. Babies sometime next week.

UPDATE: Wednesday it is – hospital check in at 9:30am with removal being 11:30am. I will be 35 weeks & 1 day from LMP or 35 weeks & 3 days if IVF specific. We will remove stitch and see what happens – if no labor then we will get active and wait for them to come on their own.