Trial run I guess…

We are back home – its been a long day.

When we arrived at the hospital I was already in active labor. Contractions were intense and 2 min apart. Everyone said today was going to be the day and that the contractions should intensify when the cerclage was removed. We waited for what felt like an eternity to get my operation done due to a backlog of c-sections. During this time I began to doubt our decision to take the stitch out and was no longer OK with the babies being delivered. But it seemed like this was out of my control.

Finally I went back and things went alright. The medications for the spinal made me really sick and my BP was rocky for a while. They also inserted an epidural line which was rather painful. Eventually they got me stable and the doctor was able to find and remove both  sutures. I was in recovery for a little over an hour and then transferred to a labor room.

Almost as soon as we made it to the labor ward my labor stopped. Completely. No contractions at all. They had us up walking and nothing happened. I was 3cm dilated and 90% effaced directly following the stitch removal and the same both 2 and 4 hours later. So they sent us home. Officially off bedrest, without a cerclage and having very few contractions. With the plan of returning on Friday for a followup.

Rash is still quite bad but it seems to be phasing out in a few of the earliest areas it began in. Which at least leaves me with the hope of continued relief. And I’m feeling really good about the girls getting a little more time inside. And it was really nice to do a few normal things on our way home. Like stop for Chai and have a nice relaxing visit with our friends and their beautiful 2 week old baby.

So there you have it. Babies still in, contractions non existent and off bedrest after 14 weeks. These girls are in charge and everyone is again amazed they’re sticking in there. Oh and we did find out our beautiful presenting baby A has a full head of dark hair!