End in sight:

Well after yesterdays doctor appointment and my lack of progression we are now scheduled for an induction next week. Doctor is worried about how distended my uterus is (measuring 48-50 weeks) and how my contractions have stopped completely. This combination can lead to all kinds of scary things like hemorrhaging and blood transfusions. So these babies now have a few days to find their own way out or they will be getting some help.

This pregnancy has been a roller coaster – simply to go from all the drastic measures to keep them in to now a scheduled induction blows my mind. My emotions are all over the place and my body is seeming to give in. Doctor suggested spending the next few days not trying to encourage them to come but instead trying to be most comfortable. My feet have swollen to the point where they wont bend at a 90 degree angle, which makes walking beyond painful. Everything hurts and I need help with just about everything. So next week it is – next week we will finally meet our girls.