37 week Update

Well… today marks 37 weeks and also my last day being pregnant. Tomorrow (unless otherwise decided) will be our girls birthdays. We are anxious, excited and nervous.

We spent last night at the hospital again…thinking the girls might be choosing their own arrival date but after a few hours we were released. I had noticed an increase in leaking fluid and intensifying cervical pain. So we packed the car and headed in. They did lots of testing and quickly it was seeming like we would be staying as I had 3 strong pre-eclampsia symptoms. Swelling was looking bad, I had protein in my urine and my blood pressure was borderline high. So they did some testing, thinking the protein would either be indicative of my water having ruptured or pre-e setting in. Surprisingly neither was the case and we were sent home.

So today – we spend our last hours as just the two of us and plan to finish all the last-minute house chores. Then early tomorrow we check into the hospital. For many reasons we are scheduled for a C-section and we will finally be meeting our girls.  Thank you for all the sweet comments and support – we will keep you all updated as we are able.