The twins have arrived…

We welcome with great joy, Ainsley Willow & Harlowe Anais.

The girls arrived on 8/3/2011 after a quick onset labor and emergency c-section. Ainsley arrived at 2:32AM weighing 6lbs 4oz and 18.75 inches and Harlowe at 2:35 weighing 6lbs 11oz and 20 inches. They may not have originally chosen their birthdays but they did pick the hour!

Both girls have full heads of dark hair and are peacefully resting. Everyone is doing well.

After 14 weeks of bed rest, four of which were in the hospital and an overall challenging pregnancy our hearts couldn’t be happier. 

We are extremely grateful for all the love and support we’ve received from family and friends since the very beginning! We couldn’t have done this without you all. Photos to follow soon. 

Leah & Jen