Quick update week one:

Full birth story is still to come as life with twins has kind of taken over. Days are a blur as our lives have quickly been transformed by these amazing little humans. They have absolutely completed us and it’s been incredible to see J mother our girls. She is tender, sweet, level headed and so encouraging.

Our life as four has been beyond what I envisioned hard to be but also infinitely wonderful. The girls came via emergency c-section and baby B (our Harlowe or turtle as she’s called) was in distress by the time we arrived at the hospital. Her heart rate went from its normal 150’s to 200+.

So we were in the OR within a half hour and the girls arrived within the hour. Turtle has struggled since birth and lost upwards of 12% of her birth weight causing all kinds of issues. Starting with the hospitals introduction of formula far too early which has caused latch and endurance issues. Tomorrow we have out third appointment this week to monitor weight and discuss options. We hope she has gained! Our baby A (Ainsley or Squeaker as we call her) has also lost weight but managed to stay within acceptable parameters. She is an excited eater and definitely spunky.

More updates and a real birth story to follow as we tread these new waters and attempt to stay afloat. I have so many posts in mind and so many things I would love to not only document here but get feedback on  but sleep calls.

For now I will leave you with a few photos from a session we had on Wednesday. We were propositioned by a local cloth diapering company to have our girls photos shot for their website in exchange for photo rights and some free cloth diapers. So here are a few of the pictures.

Thank you all for the love and support we sure felt it. This journey has been life changing and getting to this point – no matter how challenging it is and has been – blows me away. These little creatures have forever changed us.

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