Due date Update:

Well… Today would have been “full term” 40 weeks. But instead of anxiously awaiting delivery, we are awaiting the next feeding. Our girls are almost 3 weeks old and things are constantly in transition.

The girls weight was slow to increase but we now have a groove going. Almost as soon as we switched to tandem feeding, dropped the nipple shield, bumped to 12 pumping sessions and added fenugreek we noticed progress.

At two weeks the girls were up to 6lbs4oz (harlowe: birth weight 6lbs 11oz) and 6lbs2oz (ainsley: birth weight 6lbs4oz) Then at yesterday’s early 3 weeks appointment Harlowe was at 6lbs12oz and Ainsley was at 6lbs9.5oz! Both above their birth weights. The reality that my boobs do work and the girls are gaining was desperately needed. It’s like validation that all my hard work is paying off.

The emotional impact of breast feeding twins, constant pumping and lack of sleep is having its toll but the rewards are wonderful. Our girls are thriving. Hopefully we can drop down on formula supplementing soon!

In other news it seems the start of week three has meant a massive growth spurt and the introduction of many on demand cluster feedings… This has made tandem feeding rather difficult but we’re plugging along. Hoping things mellow out soon but as for the minute I seem to be feeding them around the clock – around every hour on the hour someone is ready.

We’re starting to use some cloth diapers – just the few NB ones we have and it’s nice to give their little bums a break but we don’t have enough to go exclusive yet. They still need some more weight on them to really switch over.

Other realities of life with newborns: We basically live at T.arget… I’ve lost count of the number of trips we’ve made over the last 2 weeks. Forgetting to eat, drink and use the bathroom is common. Late night TV has improved our breast feeding sessions. Bringing the girls into bed with us calms them instantly. The girls have such unique personalities and very different ways of being. They like to be calmed, fed and held differently and need different levels of attention.

Last piece of news… I found out yesterday I don’t have a job to return to. This is scary, frustrating and at the moment a little too overwhelming to think about. J returns to work Tuesday and I’ve begun the job search between feedings. Life with twins is exciting!