Update of sorts:

In lieu of a real post here are some bullet updates and some recent photos of our almost month old girls!

  • J heads back to work tomorrow… I’m thinking tomorrow will be tough!
  • I’ve applied for and am waiting on unemployment approval. My position has been eliminated due to the declining economy. This is something I knew was a possibility when I went on medical leave but I still was shocked to discover. It’s a small company and financial hardships are finally being felt.
  • Our girls are changing daily… New discoveries and new challenges.
  • Our girls like to sleep at night and this is both a blessing and a challenge as we are still waking them for frequent feedings. They would go 4-5 hours but instead we wake them around every 2-3. This is a frustrating challenge and we hope at next weeks appointment they’ve gained enough to stop the cruel night waking.
Now for some photos: 

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