Growing girls…

The days seem to flow together as things are in constant flux in our home. The girls are growing and changing rapidly. I have such sincere intentions to post more, document these early days or join the new blog carnival but simple things like showering, eating and sleeping take precedence.

Things have been hard lately… like really hard… But nothing lasts more than a few days… Change is inevitable. We are getting out a lot, which really helps. The girls travel well and therefore brunch is our new favorite thing. Both girls are now in cloth diapers and are even starting to crack smiles.

We are finally exclusively breastfeeding… haven’t used formula in a while and I’m surprised that I have a mixed feelings about it! This was a goal that I worked extremely hard to reach. I spent weeks pumping 13 times a day while simultaneously feeding twins an additional 13 times a day… Taking tons of pills and tracking everything diligently. But now I’m left feeling confused… I’m so unbelievably tired as these girls like to eat and that means I’m on the clock constantly… I worry I’m not giving/making them enough milk hundreds of times a day which is exhausting. And I feel personally responsible for every spit up (which for squeaker can be massive) as if it’s a judgment of my ability to mother. So to say breastfeeding is blissful would be a lie – it’s hard work and it still stresses me out. I’m hopeful that their two-month appointment next week brings proof that I’m doing a good job, they’re growing and that this helps me calm down.

So until I can post something more substantial here are a few photos and a video of turtle enjoying the floor mat – her new favorite pastime. Only being my second video – I don’t know how to crop or edit yet… So it might be long.

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