2 month update

Well… lesson learned. Things get lost both literally and figuratively when I wait this long to post. Things don’t stop or slow down – they simply pile up and posting becomes even more daunting. But here I am – giving it a try. Not promising cohesion.

The girls are growing and changing and each day they seem more like little people and less like babies. I’m working on their 2 month letter, so I will just give some main updates here.

We had their 2 month check up and both are over 9 pounds! Seeing as they got down to the 5 pound range with the initial weight loss. Hearing 9 pounds and realizing that’s all being sustained by my breast milk felt amazing. We caved and decided to go with the recommended vaccines but are doing a delayed schedule. I spent sometime researching which vaccines to pass on and honestly raising twins is exhausting and I gave up. Too much contradicting information combating with lack of sleep I guess.

On the topic of sleep, it’s in flux. Most nights we get at least a 4.5 hour stretch from both girls (at the same time) but other nights one sleeps very poorly… resulting in some hard days. But naps have gotten better. We had a few weeks where it didn’t seem like the girls were sleeping much during the day and they were super crabby. I slowly started to connect the lack of sleep with the crankiness and then started encouraging naps. WOW has it made a difference.

The girls now take 3-4 pretty anticipated naps. Not always the same in length but I can now anticipate when they are needing sleep. Usually one right after their morning wake/feed session. This one can last up to 3 hours. Then they will take another one around 11/noon for around 1-2 hours and an evening one around 5-6pm. Before heading to sleep around 9pm. This predictability required about one week of strong encouragement but now comes more easily. Turtle is still known to fight sleep at times and can get overly tired but we are getting a more regular schedule.

We do need to work out nighttime sleeping arrangements in the near future because the girls sharing a armsreach cosleeper attached to our bed isn’t resulting in the best sleep for any of us. At least I don’t think it is? That along with the girls being loud sleepers and me being a light sleeper isn’t working so well. I think we are getting closer to trying out separate cribs – or separate rooms… Or maybe both. It’s still a little hard to think about because the girls are only 9 weeks old and they seem so little to be all alone. Any advice…

  • When did you get your little ones into their own rooms or own cribs.
  • If you are a light sleeper – what did you find helpful?
  • Where did your little ones nap? In their night-time space or in their playtime (daytime space) in swings/bouncers???
  • Twin mamas how long did your little ones share a crib or sleeping space? With you and with each other?

Well – that’s our lives right now. Eating, sleeping and repeating. We do get out pretty well for having two 9 week olds. And we make it a point to take them to new places frequently. We want good travelers and babies who enjoy being on the go. In fact we took our first family trip if you can all it that. We went one state over and stayed in a hotel. Enjoyed a fall festival and visited an outdoor sculpture park. Photos below along with a few of our growing girls at 2 months.

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