2 month letter

Some nights I wake groggy, feed quickly and return the woken one to bed swiftly. While other nights I rise with a sense of excitement to see my beautiful girls, I feed more slowly, soaking them up. Lingering on their changing features and casting them to memory. Remembering them as they are right now. Treasuring the way their growing bodies fit in the crook of my arm. How they effortlessly pull their feet to their chest and breath softly in my ear when finished nursing. How their eyes grow heavy and their gaze drifts. Tired from milk drunkenness. My girls are growing so quickly and some nights, especially after long hard days, filled with lots of crying, I treasure them more deeply. Breathing in their fullness and thanking every piece of their existence, as it has completed me in ways I never imagined.

I sit nursing Ainsley while Harlowe enjoys our new side-to-side swing in the girls new bedroom. That’s right our 2& ½ month olds are sleeping in their own room. These girls are growing and changing rapidly and getting their own room is just the start of it. Most days I’m all right with this progression but on others it feels quick.

Harlowe we’ve discovered you really crave solo time… something that took some trial and error to discover. Being held is all right but what you really love is personal space. The floor mat can occupy you for over an hour. Swinging your arms vigorously and gazing in delight, you babble while discovering new ways to entertain yourself. This month you’ve been introduced to a new side-to-side swing and vibrochair… both of which you adore! You’re fascinated with hanging toys, on the floor mat, car seat and entertainment chairs.

Sweet Harlowe you also like your sleep! Now that we have some nap regulation you are a much happier camper. We know when you’re ready for sleep and you go down peacefully for naps in the swing and we can now lie you awake at night… You babble yourself to sleep and seem to sleep more soundly than your sister. This morning on your second night in your new room, you slept for a 4, 3 and another 4 hour stretch. When I finally heard you rustling I came in to find you smiling and playing in your crib. Before this week you would always wake angry, crying frantically. So this was a nice change. I brought your sister in and your excitement to see the other was priceless.

Ainsley my dear… you are full of spunk and crave attention from your world. Your toothless smile is seen constantly and you flash it with such purpose. You’ve perfected what we call flirting… which involves head turning and sly smiles. You’re proud of your incredible neck control and love sitting up and seem to be much less entertained by toys than people. Your mamas love getting you to smile and it’s becoming more and more easy. Tickles, smiles and funny faces almost always guarantee big smiles from you.

You’re a social being – which has made you less interested in sleeping in your own crib. Last night was your second night in your own room, you were the one to wake first for feedings, successfully waking your sister and allowing for duel time saving nursing. You went back down easily but woke at 6 and joined me in bed for a snack nurse and remained with me until your sister woke us at 8. You are napping easier and no longer want to nurse to sleep but can go into the swing for naps somewhat awake.

You’re both absolutely delightful and I treasure our time together. Being laid off has been the best thing for all of us. As this time together would never have been possible otherwise. At this point I would have been counting the days to my return to work and most likely dreading it. In contrast, we haven’t spent more than an hour apart from each other and I’m loving ever moment of it. Lately we’ve been enjoying fall walks on the parkway, playful floor time and lots of cuddles. You’re changing so quickly and I’m blessed to be spending this time with you both.

A few photos… I bet you can tell who is who by the description above…

reunited but pretending not to care

reunited after 2nd night apart

fall walk