More thoughts on twin sleep…

I’ve been reading a lot of your blog posts about infant sleep. More specifically encouraging it! My focus has been especially on twin sleep and we’ve been trying different things. We know its a little early for any real pattern or schedule but we think it’s a good time to be introducing good habits. And it seems our kiddos do follow some schedule and sleep is something that has become more predictable. I’m not posting to curse our recent sleep success (please. please. please) but to ask for some of your experieinces and document our process.

Our first epiphany was after reading a “puffer” post on the success of introducing an earlier bed time. We tried it about a week ago and surprise they didn’t wake any earlier. We put them down two hours before their prior bedtime of 9PM and they woke at around the same first feeding time. Giving us about a 6-7 hour stretch instead of 3-4.

At the same time we also moved them to their own room and started full swaddling them… prior to that we had been keeping their arms out. But the full swaddle has helped immensely by limiting their startling reactions and keeping them sleeping.

Then last night… I woke panicked at 3:30 AM… There were no babies crying and my boobs were leaking and engorged. They hadn’t woke yet and we had put them down about an hour earlier than normal because they were clearly tired. They had slept 8 solid hours! They were rustling quietly, so we went in to get them and found their night light had burnt out.

So my first question to you mamas is: do your babies sleep better in complete darkness? If so, do you nap in darkness too? Or just keep nights very dark?

Next question, did you notice a more defined schedule along with an increased night sleep stretches emerge when your little ones reached a higher weight or around 3 months?

It’s crazy to think our girls will be 3 months next week! It goes so fast. A few photos for those of you uninterested in our girls sleep details and to keep you reading for hopefully more interesting well crafted posts to come:

Almost 3 months!

Hard to catch Turtle Smile

baby Legs

Squeaker wearing a hippo!

Another Fall Walk