4 Month Letter

It’s 7pm, and my girls you’re soundly sleeping. In your cribs, in your room after a long and fun filled weekend. You enjoyed visiting and sharing slobber with your close friend Indy and attending your very first birthday party. I can’t seem to get your letter written on time, mostly because hanging out with you two is so much fun. So at this moment you ladies are edging towards 5 months but I will do my best to try and remember how things were a few weeks back.

Your forth month was again filled with mounting milestones and exciting firsts. Your worlds are growing to include awareness of pets, people and many new surroundings. You notice when things change and have opinions about most everything. You have clear likes and dislikes and these things have become fairly consistent. You have both grown immensely in the last month. Harlowe you gained 2 pounds and are topping growth/height charts and Ainsley you’re up a little over a pound and chugging right along. You have both become quite strong and determined to try, taste and explore new things.

You are amazing beings who continually impress me. We have passed your conception anniversary and have now reached the week we confirmed someone was thriving inside my tummy. It would still be a few weeks before we would know you both were thriving but this time last year, we were filled with anticipation and deep felt gratitude.

You’re both still sleeping in your own room – however we did implement some sleep training over the past month. Mama’s researched, read and finally decided on a method to help you both become better sleepers. And after a few hard nights, my girls you began getting it. And now, it seems these news skills you’ve developed have helped you in many other ways. You are playing better alone, self-soothing more effectively and car riding better. Maybe this is just the 4-month change but you girls seem to be aligning all your ducks. On that topic… oh how you love ducks. Rubber ducks have been added to our evening bath routine and it’s about the most exciting thing in your world. We now, thanks to grandpa have a rotation of about 10 ducks. We’ve named them all and even given most fun accents. You girls find this all very funny.

Harlowe my growing girl… this month has been all about smiles for you! This last month you have added real smiles, giggles and the best hugs to your repertoire. You have developed into quite the sweetie, who can quickly make your mama’s laugh and beam with pride. You are really beginning to understand your routine and can anticipate things with accuracy. You know which things imply bath time, bedtime, nursing and playtime. You respond with excitement that you know what’s coming and you smile with pride as you respond accordingly.

You play with vigor and love with passion. You smile freely now and we love your crooked smile and accompanying crinkled nose. When it’s particularly smile worthy you even squish up your shoulders eliminating your neck and lean in for open mouth giggles. We’ve added a few new toys to your home and your favorites seem to be jumpers and exersausers. However, the floor is still your favorite place to play.

It has been the month of movement for you dear. Rolling, standing, scooting and jumping. You’ve been perfecting your standing this month and now really enjoy standing with mama’s hands supporting you. Your once noodley legs are becoming strong and trustworthy. During naked time before getting your evening bath you love scooting and we must keep close tabs on you, or you’ll escape the waterproof pad all together. You like playing with your feet and have discovered that when holding them its much easier to rock onto your side. You often enjoy just resting in this position with a nice teething toy, foot in hand. This month you’ve begun perfecting your rolling and actually started rolling stomach to back just after sister did. Only 24 hours apart from each other. You couldn’t let her move too far ahead. Sitting has been taken to a new level this month and I don’t doubt you’ll be doing it on your own in no time. You like sitting with either the boppy, bumbo or in mamas lap.

Harlowe, you’re my swaddle escaper and most nights when we get you for your first dream feed, we find your one arm stretched out free. You smile big, waving at us as we swoop you up to nurse. You love your arms and all they can do. Throwing toys, pinching sister, clenching blankets and also for sucking. You enjoy griping and carrying toys with you and dropping them at your leisure. When we get you from your swing after a nap you flail them in excitement and reach out for us.

And lastly, you’ve discovered some tasty new treats. My sweet girl, we think you are aiming to be a foodie. You love watching mamas eat and will reach out to taste what we’re having. Potatoes, pasta sauce, puree carrot and oatmeal. You reach for more and more… And squeal when we stop supplying you with goods. We never intended to start feeding you this early… but child you want it!

Ainsley, my girl… this has been a busy month for you too. You are a people pleasure and love interacting with your world. The pets have been huge this month and watching you light up is priceless. You reach out for them and grab handfuls of hair. Smiling huge and even shirking. You’ve added lots of new noises this month including full giggles, shrieks, belly laughs all of which get your mamas laughing. You respond to anyone’s smile and during a few events we’ve taken you this past month, you’ve been coined the family flirt. You seek out eyes and once connected you pile on the charm.

This charm has another side and my sweet smiley girl; it’s loud and fierce. You often play so vigorously that you become frustrated. Frustrated, we presume by your limitations and this results in quick and loud madness. You are easily distracted and redirected but in those few moments we see our future… and it looks loud! You like to hear yourself and others. You watch with budding curiosity as your world speaks to you. You seem to notice all the different noises and where they come from.

Ainsley my dear, you’ve been startling easy lately and things like the vacuum, mamas sneezing or bubble wrap have scared you this month. You recover quickly but flash your infamous pout followed by the saddest tears imaginable. Finished with a silent to super loud cry. You have a passion for the dramatic sweetheart and sometimes we can’t help but smile. Not at your sadness but at the sheer passion with which you perform. You exude so much energy in everything you do. Your soul is worn on your sleeve and is visible by all.

My beautiful little people person, this month toys have become much more enjoyable for you. You are a big fan of our new toys and find jumping to be especially rewarding. You thrive on lights and music but again these toys often get you frustrated, so we stay close and are prepared to quickly remove you. The floor mat and activity chair are new favorites and both can now easily occupy you. You like grabbing for toys and directing them to your mouth. But especially enjoy sucking on cloth toys, blankets and mamas shirts. Your play has become very purposeful and coordinated. Your grip is intense and not much is dropped when you’re in charge. Most everything is first directed to your mouth and then inspected by your eyes.

Your babbling has taken on new meaning… And you’ve learned to make noise to get reactions. You love getting smiles and will work hard for them. Especially at 3am during a dream feed. We resist with all our might but my dear sweet girl, please know we are smiling on the inside. You make the funniest noises for mama’s smiles and squeal with delight as we spin you in the air. You squawk to get our attention and coo to keep it. And I love every second of it.

My sweet babies, you’re growing so fast and most days I wish I could slow it down. I notice new things daily and just hope I can remember enough of these early months. I want to sponge it all up and save it for the years to come. To remember it all with clarity. I want to bottle you up, just as you are and slow the clock.

We watched a few videos today from your first few days in the hospital and my babies we’ve all come so far. We are approaching your first Christmas and I can’t wait to experience it as a family. You’re so loved and I am so luck to be your mumma.

Closing with a few photos…

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