5 Month Letter:

A month of smiles

Well beautiful babies… Today, January 4th, is the day we found out we were expecting two babies. This day, last year… our world shook a little. I think mamas’ hearts both grew in that moment. The moment we realized we would be a family of four. At that instant it seemed impossible to imagine… how we would go from 2 to 4… how we would grow so much, so quickly. But now. It seems endlessly right. We are perfect and comfortable and completely in love with every bit of you two.

Looking back at the past year amazes and overwhelms me. We got lucky my girls. I am forever grateful to me little Ainsley, you were so determined to stay put in your safe womb. My sweet girl, you successfully kept mommy pregnant for many months beyond everyone’s expectation. And it has been incredible to see your persistence and determination continue to develop on the outside.

You are a tough one and we love every second of it. Your personality has really been taking shape this past month and for starters you are becoming quite loud. You are vocal about everything but especially your toys. You hoot and holler, like you’re directing a three-ring circus. You yell with the best of them and often sound like you’re in distress, when in fact you’re simply being LOUD.

This loudness also peaks when you’re frustrated. And this month a number of things have frustrated you. You aren’t a content baby and instead want to move a mile a minute. You want to be sitting, crawling and standing but especially you want to be constantly moving. Your sitting unassisted for the most part but still will topple over when you get tired. But you can go a long time just sitting with a fun toy propped in front of you. You can reach and bend in half and now can even confidently pull yourself back up to your seated position. We are so proud. Stomping is another addition to your locomotion this month. Your favorite stomping grounds are the bathtub where all you want to do is stand watching your rubber ducks and stomping your feet. You started with just the left foot but have since added the right.

My little peanut, you love being tossed in the air and flown about the house. You giggle profusely and lean your open mouth towards ours encouraging us to continue. You are still our little people person and can be entertained by a human face for hours. This month you started really reaching for things. Not with one hand but in the cutest way imaginable, with both hands. You reach your little arms out, completely parallel and direct them at your favorite things. Your favorite things to reach for are people. You like giving us your hands and will giggle endlessly when we kiss your fingers. You’ve decided they are especially delectable and try endlessly to shove them in our mouths. Other things you enjoy reaching for are the pets, people heads to grab their hair and food. You hold things very confidently and direct everything to your mouth. You hold things with precision and can tranfer from hand to hand and hand to mouth without fail.

Self-soothing is a newer thing for you and this month has brought huge strides. You rest quietly before and after naps and when we peak in, we find you observing and smiling at your surroundings. Quietly talking to yourself or sister. This soothing has also improved our car riding and you are now happy to sit in the car observing your surroundings, smiling at your toys and passing out. You go down for naps quietly and wake rested and extremely happy.

Harlowe, my big girl… Your growth continues and we just can’t get enough. You are such a delight. I don’t doubt you too had a hand in deciding your length of stay in mommy’s warm womb. I appreciate that you let your sister have her way, and to you my girl, I am equally as thankful to you for staying inside as long as you did. But honey. When mommy was done towards the end there. You could have given in and convinced sister it was time, No? As we know you’re persuasive.

You are our little thinker. Always analyzing and contemplating your growing world. You play with deliberation and seem to process constantly. We can see your brain working and your play holds a great deal of reflection. You learn from your actions and we notice you change your play to accommodate this knowledge. You talk with your toys and seem to have convincing debates with anyone or thing that will listen.

This month the jumper has become one of your favorites. You have learned to shuffle your feet and we find you doing it constantly. You shuffle in the swing, in your crib, in the tub and most recently in your jumper. This motion has taught you to get the jumperoo really going and we will look over and see you really flying. The floor is still your favorite toy. We think you like the viewpoint and enjoy the freedom the floor provides you. You can roll from side to side and pivot your body to view new things. You aren’t reliant on anyone else and you can choose your own direction.

Food is your thing my girl. You reach for it, pull it away from us and direct it towards your mouth. You watch us eat with impressively trained begging eyes and get excited when you see your feeding bowl and spoon come out. You wiggle your hands with excitement and anticipation. You reach and squeal with delight. When the food stops coming you become quickly vocal, demanding more. We are looking forward to next month when we can start trying new foods with you.

Harlowe, you’re also nearing sleep freedom as we have recently been transitioning you out of your swaddle sack. Every night when we would retrieve you for a dream feed we would find one free arm flying around greeting us with excitement. So we decided to start freeing your one arm and see what happens. Well, you loved it and surprisingly it hasn’t hurt your sleep either. If anything it has improved your sleep. My girl, you were ready. Now we find you have taken a huge liking to finger sucking. We will hear you over the monitor sucking your hands and when we get you in the morning hours your one hand will be all slobbered. It soothes you to sleep and we are happy with that! Its even taught you to like the passi and this too can be a wonderful thing.

My sweet babies, you’re growing so fast. How far we’ve come this past year amazes me. This time last year you were around the size of black beans and now you are little laughing people. People who brighten each and every day with such intensely condensed and deeply honest loveliness. It’s a pleasure to be your navigator, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Love Mommy

5 Months… Almost half a year… Our girls:

Ainsley standing

Harlowe 5 months