so big… (updated)

Confession time: until today… Our girls have been napping in their swings.

I’m not totally sure why? Most likely a combination of habit and simplicity… I qualify with… having two is hard! But today with my back to work transition approaching and their recent increasingly short swing naps. I thought lets just try something new. They’ve been sleeping well at night in their cribs, going in awake and so I thought… Maybe I can trick them into taking naps in the same way.

So, we read two stories. I took the one I knew wouldn’t scream instantly in the darkened room first. Swaddled her on the changing table, turned on music/humidifier and set her in crib. Repeated with second baby and slowly walked out.

Nothing… not even a peep. A few foot shuffles. Then total silence.

It was so quiet I went back in a little while later to see if they were just hanging out. Nope. Both completely passed out.

Clearly these girls are getting big. As we keep finding they are ready to transition and move onto new things, long before we are ready. Imagine this is just the beginning. Hoping I haven’t jinxed myself with this post but I’m just so proud of them I had to share!


It’s only fair to include that our 2nd nap went horribly… both cried super LOUD and eventually I nursed them and they both passed out… for a hour. We all napped. It was nice but also very counterproductive to nap training. Transition no matter how ready you may be… does still take time.