We are in transition here. We feel it and so do the girls. Things are changing and we are all trying to keep up. I’m starting a new job in a little over two weeks and my lovely wife will start her last week at her job tomorrow. Our roles are about to flip dramatically and my emotions are aware of the coming changes. It feels like the universe is testing me a little and most days I’m handling well. But then there are days like yesterday… When I feel everything is slipping.

We woke up and I planned on baking a frozen loaf of bread for breakfast, until I discovered it wasn’t solidly frozen. Ensue PANIC. I had been keeping all my frozen milk in the same freezer. I had months worth of frozen milk. To be used if I had to return to work. Which if you’re keeping up… is in just a few short weeks. I lost it. Imagine, collapsing into a pool of tears on the kitchen floor. Devastated, angry and decidedly declaring that I would not be returning to work. EVER!

I eventually calmed and called LeLeche and we decided that almost all of my milk was actually fine and only a few on the top showed signs of very early thawing. So we acted fast and I went to purchase a small chest freezer. Which saved my milk, sanity and maybe our marriage! Now I have a freezer just for milk in the basement and have recommitted to returning to work. However, maybe a little more timidly.

So, we are getting things togther. Trying to start working out what the girls schedule will look like when I’m not home to feed on demand. Ironing out naps and feedings. Working hard to get the girls out of swaddles, introducing more foods and getting them to take more regular naps, eventually exclusively in cribs. We are succeeding on most of these and still have some time. So you see… things are really in transition. Big time over here.

So hold on… posts to come detailing what returning to work looks like for a mama of twins. I’m sure I’ll be posting lots on the challenges of work/life balance and I don’t doubt there will be some lulls along the way as we settle in.

So, let me say thanks in advance for continuing to follow along!

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