So Big!

These girls are getting so big and this week is solidifying it for me.

This week has been all about transitioning roles in our home. J is taking on the at home mama role with ease. And I’m struggling with just about all of this change. I’ve been running lots of errands. Trying to basically be gone for large chunks of time to give them solo time to adjust. And honestly, I’m really the only one struggling. Our girls are not needing me as much and I know it. This is great and wonderful but also hurts just a little.

At almost 6 months… J has them:

Taking bottles… something they’ve never really done.

Napping in cribs not swings. I mentioned this a few weeks back but caved after a few bad naps and put them back in swings. Well they’re now offically out of swings and sleeping well. Going in completely awake after a few stories… staying in for about an hour.

Lastly, Ainsley got her first tooth today! That’s right. Our first born (by 3 min) is chomping her gums proudly… sporting her very first tooth. Front and center… one sharp little tooth nub. We actually took her to the doctor yesterday because her mood and sleep were both off. I was thinking ear infection but nope… a tooth was the cause!

This time next week I will be preparing for my very first day at my new job… A sad reality but I know my girls will be just fine with their MamaJ!