6 Month Letter

My sweet, sweet girls. It amazes me that you’re 6 months already. Well actually, if we’re being honest… Mommy is late posting and you’re 6 & ½ months.  Half a year seems massive doesn’t it? You’ve both made such a huge imprint in this first 6 months that I honestly can’t remember our lives without you. You have each completed us so seamlessly that it seems we’ve always been together.

You two are such cool little people, such delightful small humans and such purposeful learners. However massive 6 months seems I don’t doubt time will continue to elude us. The spring and then summer will come and we will somehow have babies who will be nearing their first birthday.

You ladies… are in constant motion these days. AND I mean constant. Sitting seems to be old news in our household as you’ve both found other exciting ways to move.

Ainsley you’re all about lunging or lurching forward from a sit. Sometimes you move gracefully onto your hands while other times you end up face down… which results in tummy time. Something you’re still just tolerating. You love reaching for things more than playing with them these days. You’re a lady after my own heart… loving the pursuit but quickly you get restless and seek newness. Challenge excites you my dear and I love this about you. Standing is more your speed… You love being held so you can walk your feet on the ground, hula your hips and jump. You’re still really enjoying the exersaucer… spinning yourself dizzy rotating in circles and walking and stomping your feet. – Has anyone noticed which direction their children spin and if they change direction ever? We are a clockwise home.


Your teeth are coming in with a vengeance and you’ve been chewing on everything within reach. Anything will do from a washcloth to stolen sister sock… So far you’ve popped two bottom teeth and you’re quite proud, chewing away! Your favorite thing to chew on still happens to be mommy fingers… which for the record my dear, actually hurts! You enjoy pulling to a stand and we don’t doubt you’ll be our little climber in no time.

Making eye contact with people outside you’re family has been a little too much for you lately, as you’ve developed a heightened fear of people. You really want to reach out and smile but new faces are a little scary for you… We hope you outgrow this soon because you’re so fascinated by people. The people you know well… You love HUGE! It seems most things you do are done first and done with huge passion. You dream and live big my little one and I love being witness to it all.

Harlowe my creative one… You’ve taken a liking to being upside down. Now that you’ve mastered sitting you would much rather be slung over backwards on the boppy… watching your world from a new perspective. It doesn’t frustrate you but instead you get a huge kick out of it. We continually sit you back up only to watch you within seconds gracefully arch your back and giggle in delight. So we’ve taken to leaving you there, upside down. This game will entertain you for quite some time and has seemingly brought the silly out of you… As this month your sense of humor seems to have blossomed. You giggle and belly laugh at your mamas and even have a ridiculously funny head burrow response when things are just too much and laughter isn’t enough. You’ve become ticklish and smile and snort in delight when finding a good spot. You squirm and squeal and when we stop you reach for us and head butt until we begin again.

Harlowe, you perfected your sit a few weeks after your sister but are now a very reliable solo sitter. You retrieve toys with ease, gracefully passing them back and forth between your hands and most often you reach for them with one hand while the other arm is being used for balance. i.e. your balance arm… Imagine a speed skater rounding a curve. You’ve got it down and it’s quite genius. You’ve now taken to using it in many other situations, when you presumably need to be rescued… However, you don’t quite understand why it won’t help you up off your tummy or rescue you when you’ve tipped on your side. But genius still my dear.

Balance Arm... Save me!

My child you’ve also taken to waving as of recently. Each time you send those waves back you include extra cute full body wiggles and a proud smile. I adore it. I try to find all kinds of reasons we should be waving at each other. I love watching your new layer of communication develop. Watching you watch me…. And then transfer the information from your mind to your little hand. It’s so COOL! Slowly you start moving your hand and then much faster after you realize, its working and we’re communicating. Speaking of your communication… You are a talker these days. Constantly forming new noises and perfecting them with repetition. Raspberries with lots of slobber are some of your favorites but you also make lots of baaaaaaaa and maaaaaaaaaaaa noises. You and sister have some pretty adorable communication going on that I only imagine will continue to morph and grow as the months pass.

I started back at work last week, a huge transition for us all… However you two seemed to take it with ease. You honestly seemed excited to stay home with mamaJ and you greet me with such excitement when I return home. You both reach for me and squeal with delight. You grab me and pull me in… covering me in slobber. I’ve never felt quite as important as I do coming home to you girls. We snuggle up on the couch and nurse. Then, when finished we stay on the nursing pillow for a while and you tell me all about your day with smiles, coos, maaaaa’s and raspberry sweetness. While, mamaJ translates… I hear about how you jumped and squealed with delight. How you enjoyed a meal of prunes and sweet potatoes. How you read books… and shared toys. Or how you stole toys from each other and chewed on books. How you tolerated tummy time and sucked on my cloth return to work book. We bond and it’s lovely. It never lasts quite long enough… before the bedtime routine sneaks in. But it’s our time and it’s wonderful.

You two are lovely, wonderful and I forgot to mention, big! We’d been noticing a size difference between you two for the past few months and your 6 month appointment confirmed it. 3 pounds between you girls now! Harlowe you’re big my sweet girl. Not when compared to many others who have 20 pound babies but you are now over 16 pounds. And Ainsley my little peanut… that makes you over 13 pounds. You’re both on the longer side at around 26 inches and have big heads. Smarty’s you are! I couldn’t be prouder of you two! Grow girls grow.

Upside down

Mommy back to work book!


Mommy book