My dearest friends little girl is sick. Very sick and she could use lots of people sending positive healing thoughts her way.

Indigo meets twins

Our three girls!

My childhood best friend delivered her beautiful daughter Indy a month before our twins. Indy who is 7 months old was rushed to children’s last week with an enlarged heart, a condition that was overlooked during well child visits for months. Indy had some underlining symptoms but things didn’t add up until her most recent visit, where she displayed a grunting noise. Which turned out to be the only way her body could get enough friction to breath as her enlarged heart was applying pressure to her lungs.

She has been diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. Heart failure. Her heart is struggling. It’s treatable but not curable and we are still just trying to get her stable. Once stable her recover will be slow, full recovery isn’t likely, and there is a scary mortality rate. But this little girl is tough and so loved. She had surprisingly strong vitals when looking at the severity of her condition and she is such a fighter.

Most recently she has been losing weight and a feeding tube was started last night.

Originally Indy’s condition was presumably viral until a few days ago when doctors discovered it was genetic. Indy’s mama also has cardiomyopathy and doctors are amazed she carried her pregnancy so well. My dear friend, will not be able to have more biological children. It’s completely devastating and we are just taking it a day at a time.

Please keep this beautiful family in your hearts and stop by and visit Indy’s CaringBridge site: