7 Month Letter

Well my sweet girls… You are 7 months and 1 week old. And to be completely honest I didn’t keep as good track this last month as I have for your previous months. These days you girls grow, change and develop so rapidly that time speeds up and I get behind. When we’re together I try to soak you both up and writing has just been taking a back seat. I also returned to work and you have both transitioned well and love staying at home with MamaJ. However, this all means I have less time to spend writing.

This month we also discovered your best friend Indy was sick. Really sick and wow do you girls miss her. We were all getting accustomed to weekend visits and even sleepovers. You girls would play together on the floor while all the parents would eat breakfast, drink coffee and catch up. A few days ago we found out your sweet friend will need a heart transplant. We are hopeful but also devastated by the sadness of it all.

This has been a very sad time. A time filled with grieving and deep introspection. This new reality has shaken the vision we all had for your best friend Indy and this has been overwhelmingly sad. It’s been hard on your mama’s as we realize how fast things change and how fragile life is. We love you both so completely and have been holding you just a little bit tighter these days.

You girls are busy. Busy learning, growing, playing and developing. Rapidly. Your play is more interactive every day. This has been wonderful for us to experience. You talk over the dinner table, hold hands when no ones looking, play peek-a-boo and fight over toys. You suck on each other’s feet, steal toys and pull hair. You giggle, squeal and reach for each other and smile and coo in your secret language. We catch you each staring at the other in awe and its adorable how much you love one another. You two have this innate bond that is only strengthening and its amazing.

Ainsley you’re adventurous and really are starting to piece your world together. You are teetering towards some form of crawling/scooting/lunging. You love lunging and pulling up on your people and pets. You lean in and hug intentionally and when in distress you find your nearest person and thrust yourself towards them. Often resulting in a table position that ends in tummy time!

Harlowe you’re confidently sitting and don’t show much interest in other methods of movement but you still love reaching for things just outside your comfort zone. Reaching with your full wing span and toppling over is your favorite past time. This usually results in getting stuck sideways… however, you rarely mind and calmly find a way to your back and smile big! You’ve become quite shy with your smiles and love hiding them and sharing on your terms. You don’t mind tummy time anymore and will consistently roll over when placed there. You have been spinning in your sleep and we will often find you 45-90 degrees rotated when we get you in the morning.

You are sweet, sweet girls… who are delightful to be around. Smiling, laughing and recently you’ve both been getting quite the sense of humor. You find each other pretty funny and also get a kick out of mama’s. Your laughs are becoming infections and Ainsley especially can get us all on the floor laughing. Ainsley you even seem to understand comedic pause, infliction and timing. You seem able to anticipate what will make you laugh and are able to replicate it. Harlowe you take a little more warming up but once you’re going you can be quite hysterical. You girls love jumping facing each other and will make lots of silly faces, inviting even more giggles. Twirling, spinning and tossing you also bring out delightful shrieks of laughter and you girls love when we crank up the music and dance.

We are blessed to have two wonderfully sweet and healthy girls who teach us more each day. Who bring us together and keep us rooted. Who challenge us and reward us constantly. Who are bright, beautiful and so very loved.