8 Month Letter

My girls, this month has been massive. It was your first full month at home with MamaJ and your first month spending lots of time outside. We’ve had an unusually warm March. Breaking records and even getting a few 80 degree days. Summer is upon us and you girls are soaking it up. You love playing in the green grass, digging your feet in the sand and swinging at the park. You love people watching, stroller rides and even seem to enjoy all the dresses we’ve been putting you in! You both seem to be less fearful of strangers and have even stopped crying when people approach you! You’re both even beginning to smile at those who over the past few months made you cry. And for this we are so grateful, as it was a little sad that no one else got to see your silly smiley selves.

Girls this month could be summarized… as the month of object permanence. You remember everything. Your people, your pets, your food and your mamas. You look past things constantly, turn your bodies to follow pets and mamas and understand when things are hiding. In past months you liked peekaboo but this month it’s by far your favorite. You both play peekaboo with mamas, yourself and your pets. In past months we would place something over your face and you would excitedly rip it off… But this month you’ve both begun initiating the game… We will look over and one of you will be patiently waiting with something held up covering your face… You patiently wait for us to say “where’s …(inset baby name)” then excitedly you pop out, giggling! You both hold random things up to your face… like buckets, toys and mirrors… Waiting for us to call you out! It’s adorable.

Food has been huge for you girls this past month. You both love eating! We’ve started giving you more “real” foods and added in many of the things we’re eating. You’re getting 2 main meals and 1 snack a day; mostly chunky foods now and very little pureed/softened. This is such fun for you. We’ve added toasty oas, peaches, pasta, beans, bread, chicken, edamame, zucchini, peas, corn, potato, yogurt and water/juice in sippy cup with straw. You love all the variety. Chicken seems to be your new favorite but nursing/milk is still your primary nutrition.    

Harlowe my smart girl – this past month you started clapping. And you’re so proud. You don’t just repeat the action my dear, you know the word! We say clap and with a big smile you begin clapping. You often end with an emphatic back arch, shy head turn and a reach for the sky. We take it as your “cheer please” motion. We always oblige. And you smile with pride and clap more. Leading to many encores. You’ve also perfected your wave… but are more selective with it. Primarily saving it for your mama’s, yourself, sister or your pets but rarely anyone else. We don’t mind – it’s like a family secret.   

This month also brought your first tooth… And with it some uncharacteristic crankiness. Your tooth came out of nowhere and unlike your sister… you only became cranky after it popped. It seems like it was fairly short lived and clearly tooth related because you’re getting back to your normal cheerful self. You are thoroughly enjoying freezer toys, mesh feeders and anything else you can chew on. But your favorite toy is still your orange clam. It came in a soft fish bowl with many other sea creatures but the orange clam is the only one you’re interested in. You seek it out, discarding all the rest. We’ve determined orange is your color of choice. When given the choice between two identical items, one being orange… you always choose the orange one. But your clam is absolutely your favorite toy. You hug it and smother it with bites and kisses. You make funny noises to it and play with it differently than any other toy. You cry when sister takes it from you and have become much more assertive with getting it back. You are after all much bigger and have learned if you pull hard enough… you often win.  

Harlowe, each month brings more smiles from you and overall you’re just such an easygoing and delightful girl. You still have serious moments but the majority of your time is spent watching your world in awe. You’ve stated truly babbling (lots of Mamamama, Ba’s, Da’s and Ga’s. As well as beginning to combine consonants and vowels. BaDa-DAAAAb. You also seem to have a new “voice” only used with the B and D sounds…. It’s like a squished version of your normal voice and it’s hilarious. Sometimes it’s even a little crackly. Your new favorite thing has been talking to your toys especially your bath toys. You’ll hold your bath time whale really close to your mouth and begin having a full out conversation. Eventually looking up at us with big smiles and then returning to your whale. Sometimes you’ll even hold up two toys and seem to be having them talk to each other. It’s adorable! 

Ainsley my little peanut… Standing is your thing. And being such a tiny one… I think your strength and stability surprises people. This month you’ve learned to pull up on furniture and you can’t get enough of it. During a play date with an older friend you discovered the wonderful activity cube! And sitting has been history ever since then. 

You’ve always been a highly determined and learning to pull up is no exception. You learned in a matter of hours to transfer this skill to other objects and you’re now trying to pull up on everything. You’re so close to full on mobility that your mamas are a little frightened. You still don’t get that once standing, you can’t let go… This disconnect often results in falls but honestly you don’t seem to mind and are clawing to get back up. You try with such determination to move around stationary objects but can’t quite get this on your own. You stand with pride and excitement. Pounding your hand on top, claiming your victory! You excitedly try to walk when we hold your hands and are so close to crawling or whatever form of it you create. It feels like this has all happened overnight… You went from being a proud solo sitter to now… being ready for everything else.

You aren’t content sitting and you can pivot your legs and body around with ease. You like sitting with one leg bent forward and one bent backwards. This pose means you can easily rock back and forth from hands in a crawl position to sitting. You also like having one leg stretched to the side and one bent as this helps you get onto your tummy quickly. You are going from sitting to your tummy in a much more graceful manner these days. You’re also easily making your way to your mamas and pulling up to a stand. You will climb anything that’s near you and love the challenge it’s created. It’s so amazing to watch you realize how much more of your world exists now…  

Ainsley, you’ve also become quite the finger foodie. Your dexterity is incredible and in just about a day you learned how to coordinate your thumb and pointer to easily pick up lots of tiny things. The only way we can keep you happy sitting these days is to put a bucket with toasted O’s in front of you. You happily hold your bucket and with the other hand place O’s in your mouth. Rarely dropping any… but no worries your puppies are also quick learners. They are taking full advantage of all the finger foods and have even started taking food directly from the source. Multiple times we’ve caught them taking food right from your bucket or your clenched fist. 

Girls… we are now well over the half year mark and it amazes me that we are now closer to your first birthday than your arrival last august. Slowing down a little would be perfectly fine. But know we are so proud of the people you’re becoming and beyond excited for the months to come. Welcome to spring girls!