Reason 1 million that we are starting to think about moving…

While out on a walk with the girls a few nights ago. 3 young girls, maybe around 7 years old, were chasing down an ice cream truck. The truck clearly didn’t see them and kept going up the wrong block. It was a little hilarious. The girls were waving politely at first… But clearly they were getting frustrated. Eventually one of the girls yells… “YO BITCH… we’re down here” The truck slows and they run up to it.  

Huh… Maybe this is actually one of the reasons I’ll miss where we live. It’s never boring or pretentious. Full of character and always bringing amusement. We also live across from a pond/park/playground with really nice trails – something we probably won’t find ourselves living next to again.

I wish we could stay and make it work but we’ve just outgrown the home. And our biggest problem isn’t even the fact that we are fitting 2 adults 2 babies and 3 pets into a small space. Its more complicated. To put it in perspective… We’ve spent the last 6 months sleeping on an I.KEA futon in our living room. We have two bedrooms but live in a 1.5 story and even with updates (insulation and new windows) we haven’t been able to suitable regulate the temperature upstairs. There is only one vent to the 2nd story… and being a 100 year old home, we can’t get an AC box in the uniquely small period windows. So the girls just got moved up there last week because its finally warm enough but not too HOT. I know it’s a mess!

It’s hard enough to get out of the house with almost 9 month old twins… So a huge question is how are we going to put our home on the market? And then move with young children. Not to mention the fact that we bought at the selling height almost 8 years ago and spent WAY TOO MUCH! We basically bought when everything was selling in multiples and bidding wars were the norm. After meeting with a few realtors it seems our situation is tricky. But we think we’re going to give it a go.

Either using one of the government programs to help those like us get out. Or essentially “buying our way out” with the reality that our next home will have a substantially better price per square foot. Which will balance out our loss on the first property. So we will be doing lots of research, discussing our options and possible scrounging up money to get out. Taking out private loans, cashing in 401K’s and the like.

It’s all quite overwhelming but I only see it getting more challenging if we wait. And I’m at the point where our quality of life is winning over my obligation to stay until the market improves. I’m ready to through in the towel, take a huge hit and move on.  

So, that’s where we’re at here. Overwhelmed.