Trying to catch up:

I’m behind… The girls are 9 months! ( Letter to come soon) Preview:

In short…

Work is beyond hectic. We put our home on the market. And the girls are all over the place.

Especially Ains, who is crawling like crazy. It seems she is having a movement burst. She is not just pulling up now… but letting go. And standing unassisted. She falls lots too but it’s crazy how good she’s getting. She crawls from one room to the next in seconds and loves exploring. She isn’t babbling as much, we think because movement is her main focus but this seems to ebb and flow. She is playing with toys in a more complex way and enjoys doing more than sucking/making noise with them now. You can see her brain really beginning to comprehend how these toys work. She is also all about giving kisses. Big slobbery open mouth kisses. They’re absolutely wonderful.

Harlowe gets around now too but is more methodical about it. She butt scoots, twists, turns, rolls (over&over) and is starting to arm crawl. Harlowe has had a huge verbal/comprehension boost and is signing a few words now, which has been really fun. She knows: water, milk, more, goodbye and food we think. She waves hello/goodbye and is babbling with purpose. She will touch our face (or pull our hair) to get our attention and then proceeded to babble really close to our faces. She will talk a full sentence wait for our response and then continue again. It’s adorable.

She also finds herself quite funny. If she does something she likes… often she gives a little giggle. Praise is also becoming important to her. She loves reading books. Especially ones with participation parts. She’s even learned if she flips the page or slides the participation part – we praise her. Which has led to her learning to turn page, look up at mama for praise… repeat.

I will post more soon! Concluding with a video montage… most was taken a few weeks back. Starts with Ainsley crawling, moves to Harlowe talking and ends with attempted kisses!